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Ep. 330, Jeremiah Byron - Podcast Host & Cryptid Researcher

November 3, 2022

FYI: As you all know I do my shows live, therefore there can be technical challenges that can't be helped. This was a great interview, however there were a few audio issues. If you can give us some grace (and fast forward to about 21 minutes in), you will enjoy this interview!

Join me as I chat with fellow podcast host, Jeremiah Byron of Bigfoot Society Podcast!

Jeremiah Byron is the host of Bigfoot Society, a podcast focused on cryptids and other mysteries of the world. Jeremiah hosts a podcast that cryptid enthusiasts can't get enough of; interviewing some of the biggest names in the bigfoot and cryptid communities! Jeremiah does his own cryptid research and is a subject matter expert on the great Van Meter Visitor! This year Mr. Byron was a presenter on the cryptid at the Van Meter Visitor Festival. Jeremiah has a huge presence in the cryptid community through different apps such as Clubhouse, Discord, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.

All info can be found at Be sure to sign up for his email newsletter to sign informed with what’s coming up next!

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