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Ep. 327, John Vandeventer - Bigfoot Author& Researcher

March 24, 2022

Join Lauren as she chats live with John Vandeventer, author and researcher.

John Vandeventer was born in Dallas and raised in Plano Texas, he still has a lifelong fascination for military aircraft which he developed as a young boy. This fascination led to him serving in the USAF for 16 years. His fascination for military aircraft also led to another lifelong fascination with UFOs. He is the father of five children. “RELICS; A Myth You Don't Believe; A Reality You Won’t Survive” was his first attempt at writing and was published through Page Publishing in September of 2017. The Second Edition of the same book, RELICS (The Dark Autumn) was published by Empire Publishing in October 2021. “RELICS ; The Honobia Remnant” is a sequel to the first book and the second in a planned trilogy. This sequel although technically another Sasquatch story, brings in more of the author's interest in military and aviation and the UFO Phenomenon. The sequel has been five years in the making. Although not previously interested in Sasquatch before writing the first RELICS book, John has received many accolades from the Sasquatch community. Many Sasquatch enthusiast have labeled RELICS as the best and most realistic Sasquatch novel ever written.

In 2018 John and his wife Monica moved from Sulphur Springs Texas to Honobia Oklahoma in heart of Oklahoma's Sasquatch Country. His home in the Kiamichi Mountains is twenty miles from Talihina Oklahoma the setting for the first book in the Relics series. He has used his new home town Honobia Oklahoma, as the setting for this second book in the series.

John has been a guest on podcasts such as Sasquatch Chronicles and Night Callers Bigfoot Radio. He was a guest speaker along with Ron Morehead, Scot Nelson and MK Davis at the 2019 Honobia Bigfoot Festival. He served as MC during the 2021 Festival introducing such guests as Lyle Blackburn, Kengerhard, Professor Marvin Leeper, and Shelly Montana. The third and final edition of the “RELICS” trilogy is already being written and John hopes to do some spin off series and nonfiction writing in the future.

You can find John's amazing works on Amazon!

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