Nite Callers Bigfoot Radio

Ep. 321 Chris Spencer, Olympic Project Bigfoot Researcher

August 19, 2021

(Due to the fact that this was a live show, there were some audio issues as the stream signal went down on Chris' end. Please be understanding and enjoy the interview as it was fantastic other than that!)

Join me as I speak with Chris Spencer of the Olympic Project. Chris is a dedicated and methodical researcher. His work with audio equipment and analysis is outstanding. You don't want to miss this one! 

Avid fishermen and all around outdoorsman with an interest in all things natural. Chris attended WSU as a History/Anthropology major in the early 90’s where his interest in the subject became more serious after a semester of Anthropology 101 taught by the late Grover Krantz. After an intense experience while camping  with his 13 year old son in 2013 Chris began actively searching for evidence of the target subjects. In 2015 his focus in the field turned to audio recording and still is today. His goals are not only learning more about the behavior of the target subjects through long term field studies of specific areas and the fauna with in those areas but improving on audio recording and vetting potential suspect sounds has become a major part of his field work.

You can follow Chris' field research and audio work here:

You can listen to the audio we discussed on the show tonight here:

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