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Ep. 315, Tate Hieronymus Bluff Creek Project

March 29, 2021

Join me as I interview Tate Hieronymus of the Bluff Creek Project!

Tate Hieronymus, is originally from Kansas City, MO, but ended up moving to Des Moines, IA which he adopted as his home. There, he grew up around music and played music most of his life. Iowa is where his interest in Sasquatch started, primarily with the Patterson Gimlin Film. Tate ended up moving to California where his Bigfoot research really took off. Tate eventually made it to Bluff Creek with his Dad and a couple friends. It wasn’t until the second time he went, he accidentally ran into Tom Yamarone, Terry Smith and Cliff and Bobo from Finding Bigfoot. A few more times of going back up to Bluff Creek, around 2017, he ended up meeting the guys from the Bluff Creek Project and joining the group. Tate made a short documentary film about the BCP (Bluff Creek Project), and was able to get an interview of Bob Gimlin standing in front of the Big Tree that can be seen in the PG Film. It was a great addition to the film. The full interview is one of a kind, according to Daniel Perez, which per request had Tate write a little bit about that interview for the Bigfoot Times. Only 1 minute and 32 seconds are publicly available. The full 6 minute interview is not. The full interview can be seen at the North American Bigfoot Center in Boring, OR. In his time living in California, Tate was able to join the BFRO.

Tate has had a few encounters as well. One in Bluff Creek and one in Southern California which he was able to obtain a thermal video. The thermal video will be released later this year (2021) in a new film he currently working on. Tate eventually moved back to Iowa where he started doing more music. He joined a band called The Paddlers, and became the guitar tech for a band called The Envy Corps. When COVID hit, and Tate suggested to BCP guys that they should all should start a podcast and that’s when the Bluff Creek Project Podcast was made and Tate has been doing that since.

Bluff Creek Project

Bluff Creek Film Project by Tate Hieronymus

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