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Ep. 311, Tanya Knight AKA SheSquatch, Texas Bigfoot Researcher and Bigfoot Personality

February 1, 2021

Join me as I interview the lovely Tanya Knight AKA SheSquatch!

Tanya Knight is a bigfoot researcher that has been working in the field since October 2017. She has had one sighting, cast prints as large as 18 1/2 inches and has had multiple experiences including the ever popular wood knocks and rock throws. Tanya partners up with the famous Fouke Monster Keith Crabtree for expeditions ranging from Oklahoma to Arkansas. She is of Creek descendent practicing Shamanism coupled with Reiki and has a day job of being a Medical Massage Practitioner.

For the last two years she has been undergoing chemotherapy for a rare type of breast cancer and endured a double mastectomy in 2019 which lead to the creation of her alter ego Shesquatch. Since that time she has performed as this lively and curious female Sasquatch at many conferences to bring awareness of the species to children and adults alike. With a heart as big as Texas and a soul of gold let me introduce you to Tanya Knight.

Find SheSquatch here!

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