Nite Callers Bigfoot Radio

Ep. 304, Irish Bigfoot Research Organisation

November 5, 2020
Join Lauren Smith Sunday October 25th at 2 pm CST live on YouTube as she chats with the fellas from the Irish Bigfoot Research Organisation!
Jim Bradley, Ron Madden and Chris Dawson are all leading members of the Irish Bigfoot Research Organisation and Jim is currently President of the organisation. Jim has had a couple of encounters with the Infamous European Bigfoot that is the Woodwose or Wudewasa and has been at the forefront of the group for three years now, having previously served as Vice President under former President and Founder Chris Dawson.
Vice President Ron Madden who has joined Jim on the Leadership of the IBRO, was brought into the organisation initially as an independent judge for the upcoming documentary film The Woodwose and was assigned to put his judgement upon some footage captured in the organisation's previous film Walking with the Wildman. Ron has since moved up the ranks as a capable and keen researcher.
Chris Dawson as previously mentioned, is the Founder of the organisation and former President, Chris has been on the tail of the Irish Bigfoot for quite some time now and has had many encounters with both the Woodwose and The Grey Man. Chris is also the Director of the new film from the IBRO, The Woodwose and it is due for release on December 1st on Amazon.

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